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Appel à projets pour le Festival Cinnamon Colomboscope

Appel à projets pour le Festival Cinnamon Colomboscope

Le Festival multidisciplinaire des arts contemporain de Colombo invite les artistes à interroger les intersections entre les arts, la culture, l'innovation et l'environnement.

du 31 mai 2017 au 15 juin 2017

Cinnamon Colomboscope : Colombo’s Multidisciplinary Contemporary Arts Festival Open Call – Deadline : 15th June


Cinnamon Colomboscope is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts festival conceptualised by EUNIC Sri Lanka (Goethe-Institut, British Council and Alliance Française de Kotte) funded by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, Cinnamon Life, and the John Keells Foundation. Over the past 4 years the festival has consistently built a platform for contemporary art in Sri Lanka. Now in its fifth edition, this year for the first time the festival is being organised by a local independent team. The Festival supports local and international artists to create engaging, daring work that connects with the world (alongside the festival theme), hosted in ‘non traditional’ venues. It aims to mobilize communities in Colombo for over a week long period to engage and interact with thought provoking creative processes. In keeping with Cinnamon Colomboscope’s experimental and innovative trajectory, this year the festival will foreground the environment and its intersection with arts, culture and innovation.


Invitation to artists and creatives

For Cinnamon Colomboscope 2017, we invite creative practitioners (working in visual art, theatre, dance, architecture, design, invention/ innovation, film/video, music), theorists, thinkers and environmental activists, to explore and interrogate the intersection between Arts + Culture + Innovation and the Environment, to inspire and be inspired to expand our vision to cultivate positive change.

Why environmental sustainability ?
Human impact on the earth and the destruction of our environment is pushing us towards an uncertain future. Environmental sustainability is no longer a ‘niche’ issue but one affecting us all, globally. Our current methods of living and our future need to be re-evaluated, with critical discussions, movements and policies that help to regain a positive outlook. Whether it is apocalyptic or to be overcome by advances in technology, human ingenuity and resourcefulness, there is no doubt that our livable future will be challenging.
Rising temperatures, pollution and volatile weather patterns marked by recurring cycles of drought and floods are realities for many countries. Displaced communities, poorly distributed natural resources, loss of biodiversity, the ever-growing use of nonbiodegradable plastics, non-transparent contingency plans for disaster management, unsustainable resource management and implementation of destructive ‘development’ programmes with no consideration of the serious consequences of deforestation, are just a few concerns surrounding this theme.
Recognized as an International Biodiversity Hotspot Sri Lanka is home to fauna, flora and ecosystem diversity that is unique in the region. Sadly however, the accelerated pace of environmental degradation is ensuring rapid disappearance of our Biodiversity and fragile eco systems.

Creative involvment
We aim to bring together creative practitioners and critical thinkers to interrogate their understanding of current ecological concerns and to re-imagine, how creativity could inspire change and support environmental sustainability. Some questions that potential participants could consider are:
• The possibilities for the role creatives may have in advancing understanding and valuing of sustainability, if we follow the current patterns of production and consumption
• The role of artists in effectively utilising technology and creative practices to reach audiences, build communities and instigate productive discussions within them
• The relationship between environmental activism, socially engaged artistic strategies and other models of sustainable practices
• The notion of the Anthropocene: What is the alternative narrative to the ‘Anthroposcene’ and the impact of destructive human behavior on the planet?
• How do creatives, thinkers and cultural practitioners go beyond the paralyzing narratives of apocalyptic disaster to imagine, intervene and provide possibilities for a positive future?
• How can we recover and make sustainable the valuable local knowledge and traditional practices that are being lost and dismantled?


Submission of Proposals

Proposals relating to the theme could be in:
• 2 or 3-dimensional form, indoor/outdoor installations/public artworks, drawings, paintings, murals/street art, video, photography, performances, agricultural/medicinal plant related small grown gardens, technological innovations/inventions. Works in progress, and plans may also be considered.

The festival is looking into partnering with artists’ respective embassies, cultural centers/other foundations and potential sponsors to enable the inclusion of the selected international artists. If you are interested in participating in the festival, please contact the Curator, Menika van der Poorten or Curatorial Assistant, Shanika Perera by 15th June 2017.


Cinnamon Colomboscope Open Call
Deadline : 15th June
More information on :
Phone+94 717 114 111
Mail :

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